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Texte anniversaire anglais

Texte anniversaire 1

Wishing you every happiness on your special day.

Texte anniversaire 2

Yes, I know, every time your birthday comes round I wish you a happy birthday, because today is my birthday!

Texte anniversaire 3

In this special day, I wish you a fabulous birthday ... With a great cake, a ton of fantastic gifts and party like hell!

Texte anniversaire 4

Nothing is too wonderful for your birthday. Happy Birthday!

Texte anniversaire 5

Happy Birthday! Here's what I wish you to your next birthday: 1 year Glee, 12 months Pleasure, 52 weeks of Welfare, 365 days Chance Success 8760 hours, 525600 minutes of Love, for a total of 31,536,000 seconds of happiness!

Texte anniversaire 6

I wish you a very happy birthday. Failing to be there to blow this candle with you more, I am there in spirit. You've become a real girl now. Take your best years: they are irreplaceable and I hope you enjoy it with intensity

Texte anniversaire 7

For your birthday, darling, I hope you're okay ... I wish you a very happy birthday, I wish you happiness and joy for the rest of your life Happy Birthday!

Texte anniversaire 8

As I am lucky to have a husband who has a sense of love foolproof and successful than anyone to make me happy, like the first day! Happy Birthday, dear

Texte anniversaire 9

Happy birthday full of smiles and good humor, that all your dreams come true, deeper the more secrets!

Texte anniversaire 10

It's good to know that someone loves you very much, someone thinks about you, someone needs you, but it's even better to know that someone never ever forget your birthday!

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